Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10/366

My Perfect Subway
I start off with the cheese,
Then "Not toasted, please!
Put all the veggies,
But go easy on the peas."

I ask for extra jalapenos, 
And my sauces three:
Mayo, cheese and mustard,
"I need more mayo, please."

Wrapped up around the paper,
My Subway awaits me,
4 packets of ketchup poured out
I am on ecstasy. 


  1. I put an extra sauce : sweet onion. It just brings my whole sub together :)

  2. When you were on ecstasy,
    I already came back from Odyssey,
    Hunger made me order my perfect subway,
    But you stole it anyway.
    Muhahaha! I so suck at writing. Haha xD!