Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 13/366

‎​It's an accepted fact by any person who uses a creative mode to vent out their thoughts and feelings that over time, creativity develops and matures. For me, that vent was through writing. I think my real passion for words and recombining them to make sense in a whole new art form arose when I was 16. Most of the credit for that goes to some brilliant Literature teachers I had in school. I started writing and writing and writing. It was something I could not stop because there was so much I had in me that I wanted to write down just to know that it's out there mingling with the energy of the world. A few years later, when I started reading whatever I used to write initially, I laughed. They were either too dull or too excited, and very often, morbid thoughts. But I realized that there's no point judging myself for that. ‎​One's style changes, thoughts change, inspirations change. ‎​And that, my friend, is the sheer beauty of the journey that creativity allows you to embark upon.

Personally, I love going back to old stuff I've written. It really makes you really understand your transition. And funnily enough, it's the same with yearbooks. The only difference is that it's not your writing. Through someone else's memories of how they perceive you as written by them, the words reflect the changes in you as a person.

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  1. You just keep writing. We're there to judge. :P
    As usual, no boredom at all.