Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 1/366

I've decided to stop letting myself believe that I am capable of having a writer's block every few weeks. So, as an attempt to get more regular at writing and understand my writing style a little better, I am attempting this 366 day project. One blog post a day come what may. Prose, poetry or a photograph I clicked on that day (The third option because I feel like a shutterbug on some days).

I'm just going to kick start this project without any further thought. Here goes nothing:

To try and write the world's best poem
Would be the hardest thing to do.
But the challenge-loving side of me
Just took that on without a clue.

Without a thought or direction, I write these words
With only intent on my side.
But favoring me as it ought to be doing,
Isn't really the game plan of my mind.

No brilliant word play,
No vivid imagery,
No memory comes into sight.
As I type this pointless rhyme,
All I hear are silent sighs.


  1. I admire your effort. "A blog post a day, keeps Alzheimers' away" has always been my motto :)

  2. Inspiration :) I'd planned something similar. Just like a make-something-new diary of sorts. Guess I have company :)

  3. I think you are doing a wonderful job. I am following you and will be reading, if you need any encouragement at all :-)

    Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful one :-)

  4. Alright! I'm kinda late but yeah since you started your jaw dropping (366 days project), I'm darn sure it's gonna be an awesomely awesome year for me. (A blog post a day) Awwwwssum!! :)