Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 36/366

From one pidgeon to another
There was once a fateful night,
That involved a lot of milk powder.
With a weighing machine by our side
We all cut, but under cover.

You showed up for a while,
Almost ready to buy our story,
My jokes made GG cry,
That night, we created history.

At Weekender, we did meet,
You crazy, drunk fellow,
What a show you all put up,
The mood set was perfectly mellow.

Aa Jao you did dedicate,
To me when I wasn't even at Swig.
But I heard it on the phone and smiled
The widest grin the song could bring.

As you turn 35 today,
A pidgeon flies to you,
To wish you many more ahead,
To make more music like you do.

Happy Birthday, Ankur Tewari! :)

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