Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 53/366

I wrote a story for an anthology of short stories by Indian authors called Urban Shots: Love Collection. The book launch is in 2 hours. Meanwhile, given below is a poem that embodies my philosophy on 'love':

I often wish that I could wish
To be hated than be loved.
Or even lust would suffice,
Just not this dull, tainted love.

The beauty of irony and paradoxes,
I have sought throughout my life.
The quest for love never caught my fancy,
I just can't dream of being someone's wife.

I was a lover once,
No longer so,
Never been happier,
My smile does grow.

You stay in love,
And soon it'll fade,
I told you so!
You lost the race.

A 'cynic' is what the world might say,
They'd judge if you were straight or gay.
Don't let being single get to you.
Getting turned on is not hard to do.

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