Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 62/366

Memories. They can feel good to remember or hurt when you realize what you had to go through for it to have become one. But they are just such an important part of each one of us. Different memories that our brain trains itself to remember make us who we are. They're neatly kept away in a pocket of our brain, all neatly compartmentalized (at least that's how I always visualized it to look).

The funny part is that at some point or the other, each of us tries to erase these little figments that something inside decided to hold onto. Even as I write down this, I know I've done it too (consciously and/or subconsciously) and can grasp how much I lost out on when I succeeded. To be honest, I was never probably never truly successful in forgetting. But I did move on.

And then there's another facet to memories and their creation that fascinates me. (It annoys me too at times when it's in my face and being overused). In today's world, somebody or the other around you always has a camera with them. Inevitably, moments are captured as photographs and there is a physical reinforcement of the memory made in that moment. And it gets even more memorable when there's a date and time on the bottom-right corner of that photograph.

It doesn't matter who the people in this photograph are. It doesn't matter if they were talking when this was clicked or not. But when you look at it, you just know that a memory's been made in that split second of time when someone somewhere decided to press the button on his/her camera.

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