Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 87/366

I never felt it could feel this weird to be feeling these feelings for you. That aside, I know we were good together. There are too many photos to make me realize that it was true. Plus, the feelings still feel like they did during our first conversation. Many years have passed and I'm still stuck. Around you, I can't help myself but I blush and have very sudden movements when you're around me. If you even touch me, I'll go mad because it just feels so good and strong. What that strong thing is, I don't know. Because evidently, not much is anymore when it comes to you and me. 
I have changed from that person to a whole new person now. There's another layer of skin thrown on top of one that can't be brought back even if this one sheds. And because I still feel something for you, I can't be that self in front of you. I wish I could. I really want you to see who I am now. You might not like her and you might ask yourself what you saw in me earlier. But it's me. I wish you'd want to at least know her now.
(The photo used in this post was to imply that even the freshest flowers must wilt someday = the natural course of change. Plus, the mirror denotes reflection, which in this case is supposed to be about the self. Also, this is a piece of fiction & is not about me.)

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  1. After reading 1st paragraph, I actually thought it was about your crush or something. But later on, when the pace was reduced, it suddenly changed and surprised me. And well well well, this is how you write and that is why I like. Nice. =D