Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 109/366

Conversations with a stranger you know you'll only ever be having that one conversation with are the best ones. I met him the other day: tall, sweet looking and quiet chap. In the balcony we sat, talking much and little.

He told me about how he thinks that before we started declaring countries as those full of happy or miserable people, Africa's tribals were the happiest ones in the world. He told me his theory of how true sports like swimming and archery come naturally because it's instinct. For example, you learn to swim to survive in water; you play football to perfect your foot-eye coordination. "Sports like cricket & wrestling are just made up and require advertising," he'd said. I was merely amused and intrigued by this strange young man who was delighted at the possibilities of this theories being true. I kept making little notes in my head on the things he said.

He liked forests more than the hills or the sea. I told him why the sea appeals to me. We discussed how humans have completely screwed with the animal kingdom and in turn, environment. We spoke of music and global warming and categorizations (people are thinkers, listeners, writers and/or non-writers). He let me go on talking and ranting on about things he probably wasn't interested in. And I was just talking too much because I felt too nervous around him. But I must admit, it was a good kind of nervous.

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  1. Maybe he was not a stranger but a friend you haven't met ? :P
    Anyways, the way you put everything in your writing stuff, *BOWS*