Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 120/366

The blackness attracted her. Being fair skinned, there was a strong appeal to highlight her eyes and bring out that glint in them.

It was pure impulse. If she saw one lying around, she knew she had to try it on just to make those little mental notes in her head. Too dark, too sharp, too smudgy, she'd tell herself. It was even brought to her nose to check if there was camphor in it, as she had found was present in the kind made in Kerala. There was no guilt felt if she took one home with her. To her, this was a right granted to her, whether the original buyer was her or another woman. She did not need to justify her actions to anyone for no one knew of her little quirk.

In the warm light of the lantern, she stood in front of the mirror. She opened the drawer and took out the latest find. Carefully, she took some on her finger and applied it, lining the eyes perfectly with the darkness. The kohl thief had done it again.

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