Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 148/366

Black walls. High ceilings. The green jacket lay spread out on her bed, waiting to be worn. Her runaway home by the sea was getting cold. It wouldn't be long before she had to leave the comforts of that house and get back out into the world. Her thoughts had been given space for the last week in the crevices of those dark walls that blacked out all the purity in the area around her. She would live by candlelights despite having electricity and no dearth of fans and lights. She was a rather strange person like that.
And yet she was normal.

Like others, she needed a sense of security in her life, some direction, some good company. A place by the calm sea had been a justified investment on herself. She worked too much to give herself and her family a decent life. And she had earned herself this. What she did in there, no one knows for sure. Some say they have heard moaning between stifled sobs; others say the place smells funny when she's there. Whatever might be going on in that weird alternative house in her world isn't our concern. But don't detach yourself from her story because there's a little bit of her in each one of us.

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