Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 177/366

All in a day's work: Calcutta through the lenses
Reality vs Expectations
The hot chocolate at Flury's is the reason why it's called the City of Joy in the first place
I had a dream
Let's order some Chinesse!
God in strange places
Christmas Rikshaw!
Contaminated roots
The muriwalla
(Click the photographs to see the full size version.)


  1. Some things often go un-noticed and when they just happen to stumble upon the path we walk in, grave realities hit with a bang !
    Only few could do this..Take a bow for seeing things differently..

  2. 'Reality vs expectations' & 'I had a dream'
    Perfect title. And awesome photography!

  3. With all the modernization, all that still catches the eye is the sorry side of it. Strange.