Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 190/366

Out of nowhere, she asked me what place I liked best. Without really thinking of a specific city I've visited or the predictable answer like the mountains or the beach, I replied "Terraces".

There was no rationale to this answer. But it was an honest revelation of the kind of person I am. For that matter, I like balconies too. But I suppose I'm just more of a terrace person.

Was it memories created on terraces in the past? Perhaps. But more than that, it's just the kind of thoughts that the open space and wind and high inducing substances and lack of walls produces.

I like feeling the rush of being at the edge and fearing the possibility of falling off to a quick, painless death. I enjoy the image of two friends or lovers conversing over that occasional glass of whiskey on the terrace. I love wearing headphones and listening to whatever music fits my mood at that moment. Also, the idea of lying down and looking up at starry or cloudy skies appeals greatly to me.

But more than anything, it's just that I like how it's as close to nature and oneself as one can get living in a city. Living in a city can get pretty crazy sometimes. It helps to just let go of that for even the shortest time and just be.