Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 195/366

My mother was right. It is only in the arms of loved ones can one really feel safe in this world.

We are on the good side. So it's easy to condemn and abuse and outrage over rapes, murders, corruption and other violations of human rights that come to our notice. But what about the millions of unsaid stories that victims have to live with day in day out? What about the stories that can never be read or heard about (or more recently, 'seen') because suicide seemed the better way out? Where is the justice in the system anyway?

Mental, physical, sexual or psychological abuse can never be justified. And nobody should even try to. The court just sits on a case for as many years as it feels like. Without a huge public outcry or trial by media (that does not always lead to results), justice seems to be delayed most of the time. As a court of justice, does it not have the duty to treat each case with as much importance and value as the other? When did selectivity to crime and justice seep in?  

Our justice system is too flawed for us to count on it. So is the TRP hungry media, apparently. While we can make a big fuss over everything that goes 'viral' and rejoice that issues are 'trending' on Twitter, it is not going to make the change we hope to see. It might help us identify some of the bastards who could treat a woman the way they did with disgusting smiles on their face that deserve to be ripped out of their face. But what next? We want to hang the wrongdoers, castrate them, watch them writhe in pain. But why have all of them not been arrested yet? If/when they are, will the punishment they deserve be meted out to them? Or will they just get away with a short jail term or even worse, by giving bail in court? For once, we have faces to fall back on and use as solid evidence in the case. And yet the police can't nab them within 24 hours.

We need to look around us, find faults in the system, speak up against it without fear, act upon what we say and ensure that justice reaches the most deserted or crowded nooks and corners. We need to keep a watch on the cycle of justice from close quarters right from the origin of the crime to the court verdict to the implementation of the sentence. This, no matter how petty a crime it seems. Somebody needs to ensure that lessons are learnt. What kind of inhuman society are we living in?

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  1. It's true people need to voice their opinion only then change is ought to come !