Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 213/366

Since I had known him, I couldn't think of a day without his company. Luckily for me, he kept me close too. He'd tell me something new and fascinating everyday, he'd let me get inside his head and build castles in the air, he'd stay with me everywhere I went. There was never a boring moment in his presence.

The first time we met, I didn't think too much about who he was or why he was being introduced to me. But heart in heart, I remember him having excited me in more ways than one.

In the recent times, he'd go away for days at a stretch and sometimes I'd miss him; sometimes, I forgot. But he'd keep sending me things like books and beer and even decent looking men (and women on some rare occasions). He was thoughtful like that. Besides, I don't think I'll ever be even half as smart as him even if I do spend my entire life listening to him tell me and show me things he'll know I like.

He left me last night without a word. There are traces of him left in my life that I'm not ready to let go of yet. But by & large, I know it's going to be a wait too long before he returns. I just hope I don't lose my mind by then.

(This post was a dedication to the Internet. My laptop is messing with me by showing me the flashing window to suggest that it works but when I click on Google Chrome, nothing happens. This mental torture made me write this. Please pray that it comes back very, very soon. Amen.)

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