Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 222/366

Ant, please do not die on me.
You must live longer than me
Face more hardships
Lay out a path for me to follow.

Hello, self-licking cat.
I hear you're pretty amusing.
Can you teach me your tricks?
I promise I'll give you due credit.

Deer, Sir/Madam,
You feature in all my letters,
Did you file for defacement
For the sound and use of your name?

Stop it, hyena.
You make my tummy hurt.
Pass me the doob and don't crack no more jokes.
Okay fine, laugh once more.

Sheep without the 's' at the end
How do you know if you're one or many?
Oh, you're satisfied just baa-ing by yourself?
All right then. Baaye!

You, penniless human.
Polish my shoe, cook my food, wash my dirty clothes.
I have something you know you need and weren't born with lots of.
Kiss my ass because I am rich.

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