Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 237/366

It’s that sheer helplessness of knowing that you are your boss’s bitch that can make you want to end your career, which is often just as good as ending your life in these godforsaken days of recession. Of course you’re supposed to be proud of yourself for having a job at all. Your mother sure is since it means that you’re going to be contributing to the house bills. (Or she’s rejoicing at the idea of you moving out and trying to get your life in place).

There is no dearth of aimless people who are confused about what they want to do in life even at the age of 33.
(Note: It’s purely coincidental if the age happens to be a wake up call for you. If it happens to offend you, I apologize. Actually, screw you!)

But the problem does not lie in the lack of direction. It lies in the fact that you thought you had it all sorted out. BUT, not everyone has the capital or inclination to start their own company or say, newspaper publication house.

I, for one, would love to have my own newspaper. Since other newspapers and magazines cover news anyway, I would have a group of writers/journalists who would write op-ed pieces on the various issues doing the round in my city, country and world at large. These would be a carefully picked bunch of people who are passionate about specific issues and they would be given free liberty to speak their minds. There would be no leanings towards a particular corporation (read: sponsor). There would be no articles on celebrity diets because my intended readership would be the common man who is too busy trying to make both ends meet and fend for his family to stop eating something because it has ‘x’ number of bad carbs. Or whatever those technical things are. There would be a music page, which would educate and inform the masses about live gigs, trends in the scene and shed light to artistes and bands that go unnoticed. There would be an information explosion in its pages. But the difference would be that it would be usable information. Poonam Pandey going nude (again?) or Snoop Dogg changing his name is not affecting anyone’s survival. Instances of human right violation go unreported everyday in different corners of the world. I would try to change that.

Well, that’s enough about my dream which may probably never see the light of day. I’m not sure what I wanted to say through this post but it feels lighter to have written it anyway.

P.S. I hate my job more than ever before today. (I think that was the gist of it)

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