Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 246/366

India is not poor.

Our villages have resthouses where travelers can stay for as long as they want and the villagers provide food made in their own homes. Nobody questions them on who they are or where they are from or where they are going. But they will ensure that you are at home.

I met a swami who told me of his travels. He went all around the country for a year with just one bag and never did he go hungry. And he wasn't even in clothes that would set him apart from others in a crowd. People actually value great minds.

My aunt was on a flight to Jaipur once. There was a familiar smell coming from the seat behind her that took her back to her childhood - the special kind of puri and acchar made to perfection by Marwaris. She turned around to see what it was. There was no greed in her eyes but just a general glance passed to see what it was. The lady immediately offered some to her and without any sign of reluctance, she gobbled it up.

When Alexander came to conquer India and loot us of our wealth, he was invited by an Indian for a meal. He was served pieces of gold on the plate. He asked the host if that is what their food is and was answered, "You have come from so far and seem to be only eating up the gold from this land. What else would we serve you?" He returned home soon after that. 

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