Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 305/366

Though I'm not too happy admitting it, there's something oddly charming about the Bangalore rains. It comes and goes and sometimes stays on as an unwanted visitor exceeding his welcome. But it's forgivable for the beautiful pleasantness it leaves behind. The air seems still, perfect for a hot cup of chai with pakodas. It's quite a cliche image, but there's a reason for the existence of cliches. It can get annoying when if there's a sudden power cut and everything goes black. But all you can do is embrace the darkness amidst the pitter-patter on your windowpanes. Enjoy the momentary or prolonged solitude and warm up to the hundreds of thoughts that swim in the deep oceans of your mind. You'll hear the answers you're seeking for. Just tell yourself it's a dream and never wake up again. Sigh. I just killed you, didn't I? Oh well.

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