Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 322/366

So perfectly feathery.
Watch as it touches your soul,
Red as the fourth planet.
Pulling you into the universe,
Floating ever so freely.
Are you daydreaming?
Rainbows glowing in the sky-
Hues so many,
On a beautiful day.

When you know you have cake,
And tubs of ice cream too,
The snowy paths of freedom
Become the dream come true.

Meet in the dark.
Tell me what you know.
Help me cut the grass
The mushroom tree's growing too slow.

Swimming by the mermaids,
Playing the freebird's tune
The harmonies of the sea fade
Resurfaces the dream.

Who needs who?
The honest one was found
The surrendered truth it told
The memories remembered,
From that moment,
The constant,
The unfolding, stretching path,
Bringing me to the ground.
Swallowed up inside.
Forever sealed.

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