Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 336/366

Remember those essays you wrote as a kid or at least must have thought of at some point, where you have only a few days to live because you find out you have a terminal disease and your days are numbered. Well, it's December 1st and you have 20 days to live, apparently.

Whether the Mayans were right or not, I'm going to live each day to the fullest. I'm making myself plausible bucket list and promise to embark on this journey with full commitment. (Oh wait, I'm commitment phobic. Must work around that somehow.)

1) Do NOT be sober for 24 hours at a stretch on any of these days.

2) Go through as much of your music collection as you can, even those old songs saved in some folder with the obscure name. Revisit all your favorite albums of all time! Share some of the music with people who deserve to appreciate it before dying..

3) Write a lot of articles and get as many bylines as you can. You are in a job that you actually enjoy. You're living a part of the dream!

4) Get back in touch with old friends and convince them that this is the final goodbye. Get them to make a random bucket list as well. (Genius, isn't it? *evil grin*)

5) Do not listen to anyone who tells you to wake up early. Sleep late whenever you want, regardless of the consequences. (This includes embracing hangovers)

6) When the fateful day arrives, be high and trip on your own death. Leave this world grinning like an idiot, so that the cockroaches that survive wonder what the fuck you were on.

Anyone wanting to embark on this adventure is willing to join, as long as you constantly feed me awesome food/buy me drinks/rolling.

P.S. The constant background score for the next 20 days is going to be 
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross' 'In the Hall of the Mountain King'. 

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