Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 338/366

Sometimes, you don't want certain things to happen to you, and invariably, you're stuck with just that. You can't change it, but you know that it's another stepping stone in life, a part of growing up. But if you don't want to accept that change in your life and you just go on pretending like it never happened? Does that make you a hypocritical person, even if you're just a child, unconscious of the worldly affairs? Does it put you in the wrong to want to preserve your real self, if only for a few moments longer? The answer's probably just a no, though they'll convince you that it isn't. The yes can be a no if you're that attached to something. Sometimes, that's the only kind of emotion that keeps it real for you, even if it puts a blindfold over the rest of the world...

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