Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 341/366

Megha Bisaria and I are getting married. Some day. But she's said Yes via a BB status. So that's that. Modern generation fuckups, I tell you.

So. That freakshow was my roomie for the last 2 years. And after a teary ending, we decided we had to go our ways. But the love remained, of course. It never goes once it's created, isn't it? I know how that girl lives, I know what she looks like early in the morning when she's hungover, I know what alcohol to bring her on a bad day. If you make an effort to deal with someone on an everyday basis for 2 years, it means enough to want to know these things. And I pride myself over the fact that I do.

Since we both think guys are assholes and since we are so awesome together, it just made sense to get married. And we are, eventually. It's a BYOB party and everyone's invited! There will be no first night sex, if you're curious. We're both straight. But that girl's hugs are just the best. Trust me. I love you, future hubby. 

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