Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 344/366

It's really confusing when something good comes your way when you're least expecting it. You could be in a weird phase in life, you could have issues you don't want to share, you could have unsettled business that deserves to be a closed chapter in your life...The fact is that you can come up with a thousand different reasons not to allow that new found happiness to take its course. But there's something that tells you it might be worth it. And you don't know whether 'might' is good enough.

You know that life isn't as simple as you'd like it to be, that people are not as differentiated as you'd thought. And yet you don't take the plunge. Because you're not used to experiencing something without overthinking the potential consequences it may have.

Why is there a constant search for surety and that irreplaceable fear of abandonment? And why do we generalize our emotions and experiences to build up a wall of immunity around ourselves?

I wish I knew why my hand shakes nervously when you hold it.

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