Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 348/366

So today, a guy I know who isn’t so much into the independent music scene in India walks up to me Vishal Kumaraswamy and me, listens to our conversation about Weekender/the music scene in general and asks, “Oh, you’ll are really into this indie stuff, huh?” It seemed to be a rhetorical question at first and then I realized, I have friends who are outside the circle as well. And for them, it’s unnatural to meet people who are this excited about standing at a gig and watching a band perform. There were extensive discussions that he couldn’t be a part of purely because the two of us were just COMPLETELY in a different zone.

Now, the live gig. There are the beer drinkers, chilling, not visibly giving a shit about anything; the lip synchers, enjoying the music and seemingly singing along without always getting it right; you can’t forget the hipsters – you’ll know them when you see them (ahem)- they're the regular scenesters who you’ve noticed at all the gigs you've ever attended. 

The experience: to each his own. It doesn’t matter whether you’re standing in a corner and smiling to yourself every time the musicians play a song you like. It’s what you go back home to. But more often that not, after a good gig, you want to go back home and snuggle up to those songs they nailed, not the musicians per se (okay, there are a few I wouldn't mind that with). 

I’m presently tripping on my experience of a 52-year-old (Deep Forest) whom I have come to respect tonight for the energy and passion he has shown towards the genre of ‘ethnic electronica’, as he likes to call it. And fuck, even if it’s an unheard of genre to  me, that guy pulled it off every second he was on that stage. And that has to count for something.

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