Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 356/366

Regardless of who is to blame.
Slowly, the world turns,
Around your axis and mine,
Never colliding,

Have you nothing left to say-
In your defense or mine?
The trajectory of my heart,
Undivided by the mind.

The senses no longer alit,
Tactile, no more,
Sing me our song-
Though the words I cannot hear.
Watching her every move,
Waiting to make the leap,
By the shadows, he sheepishly stood,
She had the universe at her feet.

Across the hills we ran,
Till the point where time would stop.
The machine was ours to climb,
Ready to murder the soul.

Bodily fluids spat out,
Left alone to die,
Watch the fawn drag me away,
Hold me as I cry.

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