Tuesday, April 4, 2017

#NaPaWriMo Day 4

Prompt: A poem with a secret

Somewhere in these verses
Lies a secret
Stemming from silliness
But of the perfect weight
21 grams
To be lost and found.

It does not begin with the letter L
Fancies Bulleit over anything.
And possesses hair.
Lots of hair.
For now,
And when the teeth fall out.

Once upon a time,
My father would read me stories
Of the adventures of a butler
It made me smile,
As does the enigma
That this poem contains.

The how and when and why
Does not always make sense.
Nothing does, sometimes.
And yet,
So much is gained -
Happiness, beauty, warmth -
Since this secret arrived.

When I ask the good ol' search engine
What it means
To experience this
It says 'A force of nature
That does not come with conditions, stipulations or codes
It is its own law.'

This pleases me
For the truth is nothing but itself.
Neither are you and I.

Art by Louis Fratino.

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