Monday, April 24, 2017

#NaPoWriMo Day 23

I thought of you today.

The broken slab on with your name carefully engraved
Declaring I was home.

The bursting bougainvillea and gulmohur
In full bloom.

The quiet,
So pure that it sometimes pierced.

The hills around you,
Our natural fortress.

The swings in the playground,
A reminder that age is merely a number.

The generous portions of education -
More wholesome than any meal one could consume.

On nights like this,
With a melancholic storm brewing,
My dreams point towards you.

Your charming innocence,
Self sufficiency,

It felt complete:
Life lessons taught with a pinch of love,
Symbiosis with the natural world around,
A renewed curiosity.

I suppose
What I miss the most, perhaps,
Is the girl I once used to be.
In a home I found,
Far away from home,
The only place I wish to be.

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