Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15/366

I think there should be a genre of music called Puppetry Rock. Let me pitch the idea to you before you press the little cross on the tab that makes you close this window. A good, well-established musician is a creative genius in the eyes (or rather, ears) of the listener, right? So now, imagine that creativity being used by a band of good musicians in puppetry, while providing the narrative of the puppet show in the form of rock songs.

If I had seen puppet shows of that kind growing up, I'm sure I would have had a happier childhood than what it was. I'm not saying I was an unhappy kid - I climbed trees, I loved bruises because of the colorful band-aids I could put on them, I complained about too much green veg on my plate. But, all I'm saying is that it would've been better had I witnessed a puppet rock concert by a band doing covers of say, The Beatles! (Let's face the truth. I probably would not have been able to differentiate between a cover and an original composition back then.)

Here's a more plausible scenario which could stem into the making of a brilliant puppetry rock band: a bunch of musicians are high (only for inspiration) and amusing themselves by taking stuffed toys of penguins, frogs, and ducks and making them talk and sing. It could be some brilliant bullshit or even the most lyrical and apt use of rock in a form of theater like puppetry.

Anyone willing to give this crazy but challenging idea a shot? Someone? Anyone?

1 comment:

  1. Lol, totally weird and random. Just imagine stuffed toys doing headbanging. EPIC! A foggy clue. Hope in future, someone comes up with this weird stuff. No clue what was going through your mind when you thought of this. Hah!
    Funny but interesting.