Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 17/366

The Fudge Problem
A friend of mine once made me realize that I have what he called The Fudge Problem. No, it is not a disease where I crave fudge all the time (though now that I think about it,  I wouldn't mind having that problem if I was living close to Corner House in Bangalore, which is where you got the world's best hot chocolate fudge.)

So the problem is that I used to always spell pigeon was with a 'd'; i.e. piDgeon. Now, don't judge me because I've asked a lot of people to spell it and many got it wrong as well. They theory is that because we're used to spelling words like fudge, bridge, and ridge with a d, we misspell pigeon because it has the similar juh sound because of the g after the d.

Other words that may lead to this wrong spelling by many are:
Midget, badge, gadget, pudgy, fidget,  sludge, judge, grudge, and smudge to list a few.

If you read this post and realized that you also grew up spelling pigeon with a d, this is your excuse.

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