Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20/366

Today was one of the best sober fun days of my college life so far. I had to attend the book launch (no, I did not write the entire book) of a book called Urban Shots: Crossroads, an anthology of short stories for which I wrote a story and the foreword. Let me just make it clear that I cannot stand public speaking. I am not comfortable with it and it makes me want to throw up. But, I had to go up, be a part of the panel of authors and speak about my story and experience being part of the book. Apparently, in one of my many awkward moments, I said "I don't write, I rant" and the last word came out wrong. I'm yet to see videos to verify this though. And then the autographs followed, which was just as weird for me because I was visibly struggling to write my name in those books. I did get to sign some necks though. I'm not some rockstar, sadly, so no ass or boob signing.

After this, more craziness ensued with my retarded friends who actually showed up and cheered me on at the book launch (And took photographs and videos to torture me afterwards)! We went to the food court in Phoenix Mall and ordered some 4 bowls of pasta, lasagne and a lot subways between the 7 of us. We even got "cock" floats and hair in our food but that's another story. One of the stupidest incidents was when my roomie took a straw from the coke float and blew it at me. Needless to say, my straw and I put up a good fight too. I'm looking back and trying to find a second when I wasn't cracking up and there were none.

Then, all of us girls went to La Senza to annoy the guys, who actually came in with us and started commenting on some of the lingerie on display. But, they were out before we knew it and out of pity, we just gave them company in the courtyard, where someone found a bull. Not a real bull. It's one of those vigorous moving rides where you've to hold on to it for dear life. All of us but one got on, fell off in vague positions, injured ourselves in various ways and were about to leave. Mehul decided to lead the pack of laughing hyenas to the exit. But, the smartass went and hit a glass door, which we all obviously laughed our heads off to because we're such sadists. He is now nursing the bump on the nose and had a possible concussion because he was all teary eyed and seemed totally zoned out when we went to help him.

The night did not end there. We had funny photoshoots on petal stools, in the loo, in shopping carts and even in some wedding pandal like thing. Just ran home to write this on time and post it. Done! Time to get drunk and have some non-sober fun! 

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