Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 28/366

When Harry met Sally,
Did he get down on one knee?
Or did he throw a big tantrum,
And create a scene?

When the world was created,
Was the egg introduced first?
Or was it in fact the chicken
That emerged with the burst?

When one universe closes,
Does another one open?
Are we all surreal entities,
Floating around with no purpose?

Are you as curious as I am
To discover the answers?
Or do you prefer feigning ignorance
And just believe in words of others?


  1. I still remember how my school syllabus made me hate poets. Poems started to become nightmares. After 10 years of education and experiences I still can't write 4 lines of poetry.
    I wish there was something like this to read/study whatever :/ Damn!
    Why you 'NO COME' and write that time Rawhine -.-

  2. Well well... If only one knew the answer to those questions! Sometimes, nothing in the world matters more than finding the answer to a very simple trivial question! Like, what is the name of the delicious kebab i had last saturday... or what were the lyrics of the song i heard on the local bus today morning! Now feigning ignorance about these matters results in one's head blowing to a million pieces! Not a pleasant feeling that... I know it is not as mind boggling as "the chicken and egg problem" but the uppermost thing in my mind right now is what sauces i had in the footlong sub my roommate picked up for me...