Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4/366

I am a foodie. There. It's out there in the world. And yes, people usually assume that I love chicken because I'm plump (The word 'fat' puts down the beauty of food and hence, it shall not be used in this post). I am a vegetarian who loves to eat. I devour a good Italian meal (Pesto and Aglio Olio being my favorite pasta preparations) but at heart, I am a junk food whore. Especially when it comes to chaat, and more specifically, puchkas. Not panipuri. Not golgappas. They're called puchkas.

Now that we are better acquainted, we move on to Food Erotica. This is not food porn where I will write about delicious looking Tiramisu or the Dominos Mexican Green Wave Cheese Burst pizza with cheese oozing out of every gap in the crust that I just consumed. Nor is this a post about Erotic Foods for Sex because frankly, I'm not sure how that one would work out for me. During foreplay, if I can't stop licking the Nutella off my partner and he asks me "What matters more to you right now - food or sex?" I might not have the answer he wants to hear. Hence, I steer clear of that possibly.

Now food erotica. *sigh* Such beautiful images in my head. I shall share some with you:
1) I'd say that Godiva is what I want in life. But a friend came up with something I agree sounds better: Scarlet Johansson on toast. Now hold that thought for a second. Savor it. And now imagine smearing as much peanut butter on that body as you want and having a good time.

2) Next, think hard and remember the gorgeous Penelope Cruz in Woman on Top? She's the sexy chef who wears deep neck red dresses and cooks hot and spicy dishes throughout the movie. Imagine her dropping some of that sauce onto her apron by mistake and having to remove that useless piece of clothing as you watch. Now let your imagination run wild as to what you want to happen next because I can't make it sound sexier than it is in my mind right now.

3) Last but definitely not the least (You can stop reading now if you want because this is more for my pleasure than yours. Or you could just read on to know my food erotica fantasy). A naked Paul Walker and me locked up in the candy house from Hansel & Gretel. The witch had been killed already by the kids in the fairy tale and we came found it abandoned but in good shop. (Stop judging. This is my fantasy, not yours. Keep reading if you've made it till here.) He pushes me against the wall and we start making out and take breaks occasionally to lick the candy walls. We lie in the tub of chocolate sauce and make obscene amounts of love. We...Okay, I can't write more of this. My knees feel too weak and my breathing is too heavy. ;)


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  2. Lol, it's like enticing the lover around with juicy succulent fruits during the act of love. Damn! food can play an important role in spicing up our 'that kinda' life xD
    Nice blog, still reading :D That chocolate sauce tub and all ahaha!
    Best till date, nice nice.