Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5/366

Have you heard the song of death?
The lingering tune's still loud -
Loud and clear, over and over,
Until my mind gives up.

Coiled up in a fetal position I lie,
Awaiting my rebirth, the new day, new sun.
But darkness chose its date tonight,
And my curtains are drawn.

Unveil the savage side I hide,
Throw me past the limit,
There's no tomorrow after this-
After you envelop me.


  1. I was listening to 'Gloomy Sunday' sung by Sarah Brightman and was reading this blog as well. (It was totally a random shit) I swear and I wish these were the lyrics of that track. Exactly same tune with her sweet voice plus lyrics. Oh GOD! It was going so well. Try it :P
    Here is the link :

  2. P.S : Gloomy sunday is also known as a 'suicidal song' but if your replace these lyrics, it's not. ^^