Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6/366

I finally cracked it! I finally figured out why I hate some of the modules of my subject. Especially Audio-Visual. I am a final year almost-graduate and while I say I specialize in Journalism, I know it is only a half truth. We are still forced to give exams on subjects like 'Camera and Lighting' and 'Post-Production.' Why? Because there are lesser Journalism related subjects to teach us.

I'm not going to say that I find film studies boring - that is a whole different world of brilliance and there are some teachers who have taught me about Hitchcock and Flaherty's films with such passion that it's hard not to want to listen. It's only the technical nittigritties that get to me.

Now to the genius-in-my-mind realization I had this morning a.k.a the point of this post: Since my first semester, I have committedly resisted studying about the technicalities of photography and cameras - exposure, iris, aperture and what not! This is possibly and probably because I like clicking what I feel like with the idea of experimenting in my mind, I don't want to be taught how to capture a moment. Also, I believe that photography is a lot to do with luck. If you just happen to have something frame-worthy in front of you and a camera in your bag, you're sorted. [Note: It's the natural, not posed photos that truly make for good profile pictures on Facebook. But then, that's my personal opinion.]

‎​Pretty much the same principle applies when it comes to learning about the different types of shots, narrative structures, transitions, cutaways and other such jargon. I just can't get myself to listen to the teacher because I've enjoyed my film watching experience too much. I'm one of those people who are meant to watch and enjoy and perhaps, critique films. Psychoanalyzing camera angles and looking for jump cuts is not my cup of tea. Make that cup of coffee, actually. I realized this when I forced my flatmates to come and watch Jaideep Verma's Leaving Home: The Life & Music of Indian Ocean with me because I really like the band and was helping in promoting their documentary in Pune. After the film, when they told me it was like a college documentary screening for them, I knew I never wanted that to happen to me. So, my mind just blocked out any technical education on films.

I just know I'm not meant to be studying these subjects at all. As the funny quote on the logo t-shirt goes: "I was born intelligent. Education ruined me". It holds true for me in this context. I have the love for cinema in my blood; just not the patience and will to enjoy breaking a film down. But I do like education. I love studying new things because I'm easily fascinated by new knowledge. And I think my main driving force to wake up every morning and face each new day is the idea of a new adventure, a journey to embark on. Perhaps alone; preferably with company.

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  1. Aww! You don't get smart from school, quite the contrary, right? :D School/colleges whatever, kinda deteriorates your intelligence maybe with it's disorganization and various stupid patterns. I still remember my teacher used to mark me down with subjective things such as essays and all just because she didn't like me. xD Ahh those memories :P
    Nicely written again. So effing true :) +1