Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 68/366

Today is apparently International Women's Day, which means free movies for me. But more importantly, it's Holi, the festival of colors! It's been my favorite festival growing up and even today, I made sure I look like this. The girls hostel basement was converted into this brilliant rain dance area, everyone was happily painting each others' faces with a myriad of colors and free chips, pakodas and thandai (not spiked, sadly) were being   served. Words can't justify that kind of fun.

As a kid, I remember a few Holis distinctly. One was at my friend, Urvika's garden. The minute I entered, Ishaan (a family friend who I'm apparently supposed to get married to) lifted me up and carried me to this inflatable pool full of purple water. SPLASH! Oh, I also remember wearing a black Backstreet Boys t-shirt that I'd won on that day. Random memories. But that's all I remember. Another Holi I went mad in was at my cousin's place. We stepped out onto the streets with buckets full of water balloons and started a war with some kids throwing them at us from their terrace. Such an awesome kick it would give when it hit the target. 

Anyway, I'm going back to give my roommate a hair streak with gulal. Get off your laptops today. Step onto the roads and feel the vibe of this amazingly happy festival. Or just make some calls and find out which of your friends are having bhaang and head there with a crate of beer. Go spread the happiness. Happy Holi!

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