Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 118/366

There's always been something about chaos that attracted me towards it: fractals, a cluttered room, a hundred different conversations taking place in the same space.

Music is one of the most beautiful by-products of chaos. Melodic noise, varying vocal ranges, sounds of different instruments clashing into one other but creating a harmony. There is something so raw and intrinsic about it; you can't always define it when you hear it but you know when it's working for you.

There's always been a part of me that wants to learn to sing, to play a violin, to jam with other musicians. But something holds me back. It could be pure fear because I feel it's too late now. Or perhaps, just an intuition that tells me to continue being a listener, understanding, appreciating, criticizing.

I'm only 21 and I know that my musical sensibilities aren't developed to even half of what they could be or should be. But I also know that I love listening to new music, discovering seemingly unheard of bands/artistes and sharing that find with others who enjoy and are as open to new music as I believe I am. And for now, I can make my peace with doing just that.

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