Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 96/366

I always thought that college would be this beautiful, brilliant rush; like a roller coaster ride where you get off feeling dizzy but you know you had a good time. And it pretty much was that for most of it despite the frequent assignments dumped on us. There was a lot of pressure within the walls of the college but once you stepped out, there was a dozen things that could make you feel liberated: be it the alcohol you were made to chug just because your friend was bored and wished to be entertained or the first of other things that one cannot and should not write about on a public blog. I am quite sure that everyone knows what I'm talking about here.

But somehow, towards the end of it, it's not feeling like such a happy journey anymore. Do you know how it feels to be so close to someone that you can't even comprehend a life without them and when you are forced to imagine that day, you run away from the reality? That's kind of what I'm feeling right now. Boarding school was one of the best experiences of my life and I know I made four years of memories there that I will always carry with me through life. College, somehow, has been more special than that. The friends that have helped me sail through these last 3 years were found on the first night at the hostel itself. And we've stuck together. It's a little hard to believe that within a month, it's not going to be the way it has been so far. I just hope I'm ready for the change when it hits me.

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