Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 97/366

I'm thinking of what I would do if someone suddenly told me right now that I had ten minutes to live and I could only write it down and not do it.

I would think about days in my life that I thought then, would go down in my history. I would smile inwardly or just laugh. I would laugh because I have been generally happy as a person, especially college. I would think of my family members and thank them for giving me the kind of life that I have lived. I would thank my parents for giving me the concept of existence.
Then, I would think of the three film scenes in which I could feel the philosophies they wanted to teach and which I carried with me in life:

1) The scene in Into the Wild where Swimming & Horses plays as the background music and there is poetry in the freedom Christopher McCandless experiences being amidst nature. It taught me this: Happiness is only real when shared.

2) The Ask Me Again scene in Almost Famous after Stillwater's first concert when William Miller has a perfect conversation with Penny Lane. Philosophy picked up: It's all happening!

3) Dead Poets' Society Carpe Diem scene. Seize the day; Make your life extraordinar

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  1. If GOD reads this, he might send you back just b'coz he'll get more to read your awesomely awesome stuffs. :P