Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The brown eyed boy and I
And the undefinable something we share
With him around, any boredom is gone,
With him around, I need to stare.

We should've met when we were young
He's the craziest person I know
But be not deceived by the madness in his eyes,
His smile is warm and his love does grow.

His little dog must think it queer,
To see his master hold onto me.
And hold me tight, he does all night,
He makes me as cliched as I can be.

And one fine day when we're far away
His call will come and surprise
I rarely talk on the phone, you see.
With him, I can talk till daylight.

And on those days when I'm feeling low,
Strawberry chocolate he sends by post,
He's bored and so I must go entertain,
And finish this fictional post. :)

1 comment:

  1. Sweet. :)
    How the heck do you arrange those lines n' think about it n' drop it over here. :S
    *Bows* again n' again n' again.