Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 124/366

There used to be a time when the only thing one could mean by Indian music was what came out from Bollywood. But today, the scenario has gone through a sea change and the independent scene is often what a lot of gig-goers associate with. The live music coming out from India is often of good, if not greater quality than Bollywood's item numbers.

An even more interesting and somewhat, pitiable trend is people from the independent scene working in Bollywood as a side project. But that's where the big money is. And it's not that the musicians are dying to lead a rich and famous lifestyle with that money. For some, they just need money for better equipment and studios.

I hope a day can come when the money shifts into the pockets of the bands and songwriters in our country. At the moment, that success factor and money might not be there in the independent scene because the audiences don't understand the good sound of independent music. For many, it's just noise. But I have made my mother listen to the likes of Advaita and Indian Ocean and. Blackstratblues. She loves it! And this doesn't mean that she loves her classical music any less.

We really need to get over Bollywood and allow something new and of great potential grow and give the musicians as much money to thrive and make even better music! Bollywood just buys the music producers the freedom to do whatever they want.  It's that freedom that should go to independent producers as well, if not entirely. Why do they have to earn lesser? It's a pity that Bollywood is what sells. But then all hope is not lost since there ARE those rare characters like Amit Trivedi giving independent musicians a chance to explore their own music in Bollywood.

For me, making your own music and playing at pubs should be given that same amount of money, if not more. Its as much a job as any other. And much more respectable if you're good!


  1. I don't think bollywood music is turning stale in anyway. I am not a fan of bolly music myself (I don't listen to them at all). But there are certain people, creative people like Ram Sampat and Amit Trivedi who make my rare listening to bolly music enjoyable...
    Sure the indie music scene is growing.Its just like movies.However good an Anurag Kashyap movie is made there is always a Salman movie outgrossing it...

  2. Never ever liked INDIAN bands. But after reading this, I gotta start listening to it properly. This is what your writing does! After reading, as usual feeling great :)