Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 125/366

It stood there in all it's glory. The magnificent castle of my dreams. We got into the carriage guarded by the knights in shining armor who fought the big green trolls that we encountered on the gravel path to the castle. They were the biggest things I had ever seen in my entire life. And it's not like I'd seen much considering I was only twelve.

The castle was where I would work, one little part of the entire clockwork that made it work as a whole. The day the nanny was poisoned, they sent out for someone to fill in her void immediately. Naughty little Juan, the prince, had to be kept in check. Everyone knew that he watched the trolls from between the grills in his room's window. To him, his cardboard sword could slaughter the troll that took his dear father away from him. Everyone in the castle worked towards stopping him from entering the trolls' lair.

They say I was the chosen nanny because of the blue sea of truth the queen saw in my eye. But I will never know for certain if there is any truth to this rumor for the queen was assassinated by the time I grew up and wrote this story down.

Juan was eight with ruffled up brown hair. When I was taken to his room to be introduced, he looked me up and down and I raised my brow hoping for approval for the little child. He must have been missing his old nanny lots for he came and hugged me tightly on seeing my nervous smile. An instant liking was taken to the plaits in my hair, which he decided was fun to rip apart. And thus began the story of Juan and Alexis, the greatest adventure of my life.

(This was a dream I had. Or something on the lines of whatever I remembered in the morning. It's been a recurrent dream recently and if there is any story in it which may be revealed in dreams in my future, I will write it down and psychoanalyze it.)

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  1. Sounds like some 'Dota' stuff b'coz the words used are related to this game.
    'Trolls' 'Clockwork' 'Knight' 'Assassinate' 'Queen' blah blah :D
    I wish I could bring down the dream I had on the sheet. But only you can do that -.-
    I was into that story when I was reading it.
    Nice! :)