Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 126/366

It's my last hour of formal education. I'm sitting in class with earphones on listening to Jack White. A while back, I woke up from a much needed 2 hour nap and found out that people clicked photos of me sleeping with my mouth open. I made a face and went back to sleep.

I'm irritated and have come up with a not-so-brilliant line that I want to use but I'm still waiting for the opportune moment to say it. The line: Oh, you found a new reason to laugh at my expense? What's new? (It's the new laughing at yourself without actually having to laugh)

After this class, I'm not going to be a student any more. I'm done with being taught by a teacher within the walls of a classroom. After this, I'm going to be learning on the job and the only notes I'm going to be taking are quotes and interviews for articles. It's an overwhelming feeling. Since boarding school, I've always had a deep respect for the bond shared by a teacher and his/her student. You can't blame me for thinking like that considering my Economics teacher was my jogging partner! That's how the friendship with certain teachers has been. They speak, I listen. I speak my mind, They discuss the point I made, I learn. This is the end of that era for me.

I had always imagined that I'd be excited to get done with this college. There was no concept of holidays in my three years here - every vacation we got, we had to intern for six out of eight weeks. There was never a dearth of assignments and deadlines. There was no concept of weekends: we had to attend classes every Saturday (full day!) And on Sundays, we had to complete assignments and study for Monday morning tests.

So why am I still feeling pangs of nostalgia as this hour, these three years come to and end? Because college never stopped at the classroom. The kind of things I've seen and done outside that holy space have made me experience more than I could have ever fathomed or had bargained for.  Cheers to three years of madness, hard work & insane memories that can never be spoken of! *hic*

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