Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 152/366

Life is such a funny little thing. It makes you feel such extremes of emotions when you least expect it. One day, I was walking into my house feeling unwanted. The next day, I had moved out of it and I saw my family members cry at the sight of me leaving. I could see them stuck to the airport windows trying to catch their last few glimpses of me. The uncertainty of when/if we will meet again was too strong to do anything but that. And yet, I have been displaced only to find a home again. A home in a different city where I live with family members of blood relation. There is a different force at play now and it is familiar and unfamiliar. Even Rishi Valley and the many hostels I stayed in were homes in themselves; ecosystems within a larger whole.

I wish there was a middle ground of some sort where I could have every temporary home and all the house dwellers together. But that is an interesting concept - a piece of fiction that can only inspire me to write it down knowing that it will never become a concrete reality. Perhaps the only time that the reality could come true is when I'm on my death bed and all the people I want to be around me will actually be near me till my last breath.  Being the well managed person that I am known to be, I'll be expected to have arranged for my own funeral before I die. I should go start working on that now. *tho tho* (Mallu for 'Let's hope that's not the case')

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  1. Every place we go to, we leave a part of ourselves somewhere there.