Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 153/366

Could I be on a journey without an end, I wonder. After reviewing all that society has taught me, the answer is no. Death is evidently inevitable, I am not immortal and one fine day, I will stop breathing and decompose and give back to Nature what I took from it. Those are the important points I should keep in mind, right? So where does that leave me on this journey called life?

Even if I tried really hard, I highly doubt I could become one of those people who fears death and refuses to leave the house because I could get murdered by some psychopath on the road. Sure, I'd keep an unauthorized gun on me (or a simple pepper spray) to revert the damage as far as possible but that's about it. It's like saying that someone who loved the beach till December 26th, 2004 stops going to the beach altogether. I am not denying that there has been a lot of irreversible loss in terms of life and property. We know that now. With proper warning systems and effective evacuation mechanisms in place, a large portion of those losses could have been prevented. But they weren't around. And people did die, as would have been the natural case had human beings not been civilized enough to come up with technology to prolong their deaths. Is this me trying to say that the tsunami was a good thing? No. Is Nature's Wrath justified to some extent? Yes.

We have really messed with Mother Nature and if she's pissed off and causing more earthquakes and tsunamis in the recent past than ever before, we need to stop what we're doing and learn a lesson or two. I'm no expert to comment on global warming or the greenhouse effect but I know that our lifestyle is way too polluting for her to cope with.

Personify her if you will - a delicate little woman who has spent her life looking after our Earth in a wasteland coughing away because of the dense layer of smoke around her from our factories. There is poisonous water full of chemicals flowing under her feet with plastic, dead whales and discolored coral reefs floating on the surface. That is what we have done. And since none of us are willing to do penance for this ultimate sin of mankind, one by one, we will all head to the grave.

Will this post make a difference to the world? I doubt. Will it make me change my ways when I see the rest of the world not stopping their environmental crimes? Nope. Is there an alternate solution that could work? Yes, but no one will be willing to try it.

Whenever you're ready, Mother Nature. I know you'll be coming for me eventually.

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