Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 154/366

Even though she knew he meant trouble, she did not avoid the scourge of love he was bound to cause. Somewhere, I knew she always wanted to be with him. All of us could tell from the way she reacted to his texts and had seen how she smiled when he called. Even a blind man could have felt the tension in the room between those two whenever he would drop by to her city just to have a conversation with her in person. To an outsider, their relationship was enviable. And yet, she was not happy with whatever it was that they had. 

Both the idiots were too afraid to let go of their emotional baggage and move on. Both had too many other options that they weren't ready to completely block out just yet. Whether it was an attachment or something stronger, we could not be sure of. There was no fighting in the time that I knew them to be together though they refused to officially call themselves a 'couple'. "It becomes a show then," they'd say. They were both adventurous spirits who could not be held down and were always exploring. Of course, this applied to whom they took to their bedrooms as well. But at the end, it was always back to the two of them again.

Human nature's quite a funny thing, isn't it? Two peas in a pod don't work out. Neither does the principle of opposites attract. And yet, when someone actually finds someone who is different enough but similar in ways that you have been looking for in a partner, you choose to ignore the person right in front of you. I hope one of them crazy kids realizes what they're missing out on & just does the right thing. Whatever the right thing may be...

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