Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 156/366

There used to be a charm about this place. In fact, that was the case with every place I've stayed at for even the shortest period of time - something characteristic about it that I fell in love with.

In Bangalore, I can pinpoint Corner House's Hot Chocolate Fudge (HCF) that is like a food orgasm for me. Or maybe the quiet lanes & bylanes of Sadashivnagar, where I usually stay. Calcutta has a whole bunch of things - the ferry rides, the singhadas and cha at little tapris on every corner, the winter fog, the sweet sound of the peoples' language. In Rishi Valley, it was everything about the place and more so, the kind of people one could talk to on the most random topics around. Pune was a place of two extremes - it was either too chilled out (house parties/'chilling scenes' & gigs at High Spirits every Friday) or endless hours on campus, which became like a second home.

What I'm getting at is that the charm of places tend to fade with time. OR it gets reinforced very strongly if you return to a place and fall in love with it (again?). I've not had the privilege of experiencing the latter. Yet.

School isn't the same without my friends and teachers even though the hills haven't changed. I no longer have a house in Pune to go back to, making it a less familiar city in my mind. Calcutta, I've realized, can only be truly enjoyed in the winter. (Though I'm secretly hoping that the oncoming monsoons will make me change my mind on that.) Bangalore is a city I'd love to explore more though it alienates me often enough.

Despite all these ups and downs, I'm glad that I left my base and went to see the world outside my sheltered living. I've moved around enough to be in a position where I don't know which place I can really call 'home'.  But I'm quite sure I'm better off than a lot of people who have always been stuck in the same place mingling with the same people and talking about the same thing. They're caught up in the same bloody routine day in day out. I'm just glad I've broken out of that rut. And now, possibly the greatest adventure of my life awaits me. And I can't wait to get started & find my place in the world!

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  1. Well I do believe there can hardly be a chunk of people who get to return back and fall in love with it again...
    I have been moving towards a newer place after each stage too... Pune will be missed (college)..
    Mumbai , The City of Dreams shall weave a dream for me..
    Well, I wish yu all the very best for the next change that shall come yur way ... :)