Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 157/366

Before I start this post, let me make one thing clear: I have generalized in this post. There are exceptions to what I am writing about. If you're one of those exceptions, pat yourself on the shoulder. If you're a part of the crowd like me, hello! Okay then...

We're all full of shit. Yes, you read that right. We're one worse than the other when it comes to being a hypocrite. We're all clinging onto ideals and certain ideologies that are utopian in theory. They could possibly even work out practically if we tried hard enough. But how many of us do?

Environmentalists sleep in rooms with air conditioners on all night, politicians slyly (or openly) put money in their pockets that they know is supposed to be used to help the public, journalists take money to write good things about big companies who deserve nothing but harsh criticism.

That's what the world has come down to. Even in the non-professional world, we're all lying to ourselves to find acceptance and fit into an already messed up society. It's at least more forgivable to accept that you're being hypocritical and go about living life. If you deny it outright, you're living a lie, my friend.

And before I forget, Happy World Environment Day. Because the world needs one day in the year to suddenly show that they care about the environment. Oh, and because it wasn't enough that we commercialized love on Valentine's Day.


  1. The tone was caustic, but true in nature ! I dun say I am a rebel,nor do I say that I follow herd mentality , but there were times when the friction went so beyond tolerance that owing to lesser power in hands, things had to be accepted.. I may not be the only person to experience this..
    Very true, Love and Affection towards things in today's world are not genuine but plastic !
    If each one plays his part well,change shall happen.. but then , it might take ages for this... Only time shall tell..

  2. Just like everyone else, I struggle with this too - the lying and the hypocrisy. And I keep telling myself that we are not perfect, and all we really can do is keep reminding ourselves and stop whenever we can. I suppose that's better than nothing :-)