Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 165/366

I've recently come to realize that I know too many modern day 'hippies'. I won't bother trying to define them for you. But in my terms, just know that their choice of words is extremely fascinating and that I know that they ought to have been born in a different era where society was different and more accepting than what it is today. Instead of writing something myself today, I'm listing down some interesting (According to me, at last) things my conversations with these individuals have made them say: 

I saw your face in a dream last night. It was a split second. Its like your face appeared over mine like when you open your eyes in the morning and you're blinded by white light. Then your face eclipsed to the source of the light. For that second, I think I woke up then. When one sees a familiar face in a dream, one needs to reflect on qualities and personalities that are common between the dreamer and the subject in the dream as the dream communicates only through indirect signs and symbols. Then, one takes that understanding and applies it to the emotions experienced at that point of the dream (like what i felt when i saw your face). Something like that would require much introspection but because of the short duration, there was a lack of assimilation. I decided to let it be. - Juniper Songweaver
Dive into the deep sea of mind and find that middle fish. Not the one which is too heavy and lures your mind in some quantitative way; Not the small one. Find the middle one. Use its juice and create something from it...A moment perhaps. - Little Drummer Boy 
Is life always this cormorant? Vicious and gluttonous. No respite, no time to look back. Fear around every corner. Green, the pasture never is... - The High-flyer
What is religion? A farce that people knowingly cling onto because things aren't going right at home or at work or in their minds. The truth: People can fend for themselves. They are strong enough to. They just like to believe otherwise. - Mr. Helson 
This post is a dedication to people like them who have given me umpteen number of opportunities to quit my dream of becoming a writer because their world and thoughts are just so much more intriguing and interesting than mine! Thank you for being an inspiration in my twisted little head.


  1. Your thoughts entwine among the infinite other, lost perhaps, but found in truth. It matters not how we see things, as long as we see the same