Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 170/366

I had written my 160th post on the 8th of June and had written the OccupyKolkata post on 9th and marked it as Day 160/366 by mistake. The name got changed and there was something wrong with the link and it's not showing anymore. :( I had even tweeted about it ‘Day 160/366 On growing up against your will http://bit.ly/Nm9l0d #Project366' Other than it being a loss of my words, I'm not letting it affect my project. Hence, I'll just rewrite that post now with whatever comes to mind on the topic:

Circumstance driven growing up
An unfair deal of Fate
No point in holding onto it
For the innocence cannot wait.

The inevitable end you see coming
No direction to escape
Against your will, opinions formed
That you must take to the grave.

A surprising sequence of events perhaps
You just didn't see it coming
You'll be a man in my eyes, child
It's all a matter of timing.

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