Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 175/366

My protector isn't the conventional god
At least I knew him by the face
There is nothing like idol worship here
My religion lets me have my space.

No qualms I feel if I don't remember him
On a given day of the week.
For no expectations does my god keep
He lets me love him how I feel.

My respect he earned,
Not forcefully imposed
As a passed down family trait.
My dear god,
I do believe in you
Please keep my family safe.

(This one's for all the non-believers. Find your own faith if you want but don't lose faith altogether. It's not worth the loss in the long run)


  1. greetings Rohini Kejriwal,
    we are all aware of how good you write & what you write, perhaps we expected more, however its a big letdown as to what trash you write (not all though) and yet you go on doing that restlessly for days...yes its your very own blog, its your creation, your medium, your freedom, your right, your wisdom, your sense and blah blahs...we desperately expected as to what feelings you share with people...we expected many, just not some...we expected your feelings about how in Gurgaon a child is battling her life inside the 68foot borewell, we expected not a case of just mangoes in a certain city, but an overall of rupee devaluation, 57.6 the highest rate, we expected policemen dying during test due to heat, we expected a comparison of the internal affairs, a scenario where billions of euros are being given away to EU, where the country cannot feed its people, we expected the rise of suicides, their reasons and possible solutions...we expected several things...maybe in future we will expect more from several people like you...we may be ugly, have foul mouths, but as said we are not here to be liked, but to raise the sheeple
    Wish you all the very best -

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    If you want to hear my opinions on issues, talk to me via email or use this space as an open forum. Otherwise, your unmoderated comment will just be left lying on this page after I complete this reply:

    I write whatever I want on my blog. There isn't too much serious writing here but that's my own personal choice. And that does not mean that there is a lack of opinion. When I get a job, I will be covering developing stories like trends showing higher suicides in India and the plight of Indian farmers and the rupee devaluation. I don't wish to cover those on my blog and I do not need to provide you with reasons why not.

    I am not here to be liked either. But it's your own fault for having had 'expectations' of me. Who are you anyway? I'm not writing this blog for somebody, let alone an anonymous comment leaver.

    We'll talk if you have the balls to leave your name here. It's easy to go spewing hate over the internet. But own up to your opinion first and then, I would love to sit and consider your suggestions. Still, thank you for taking out time to sit and write what you did. I hope it made you feel better. Good day!

  3. 'Ignorance is bliss' if u know what I mean.
    And about the writing stuff, as usual -bows.